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Introducing the Pillai Center Licensing Program

Do you desire to make a living doing something you love, and leave that unfulfilling job behind?

Do you dream of making money in a way that more closely aligns with your soul-purpose?

Is it your mission to empower others and positively impact human evolution? 

The Pillai Center Licensing Program (PCLP) is your opportunity to create a thriving independent spiritual business from the ground up (even if you’ve never done it before)…


Your PCLP membership includes program licenses for the Millionaire Yoga, Manifesting Miracles, and New You programs.

Facilitator Training

Membership includes comprehensive training on how to facilitate the programs, plus instructions and content to guide you through hosting online and in-person events and coaching sessions.

Business & Marketing Training

You will receive in-depth marketing guidance and business support to help you reach your prospective audience and assist you in achieving your business goals.

Technical Training

You will also receive training and resources to guide you through setting up your online business presence, from website creation to social media set-up.

Who is the PCLP Best Suited For?

The PCLP is designed for both aspiring and current spiritual entrepreneurs (yogis, teachers, counselors, healers, mentors, life coaches, meditators, and more) who are passionate and sincere about helping others align with their ultimate destiny.

People who:

  • Love to help others flourish.
  • Have experience or interest in spiritual practices.
  • Feel a call to share what they’ve learned with others.
  • Simply want to make the world a better place.

How Does the PCLP Work?

The PCLP is an instructor-training, entrepreneur-empowering program that shows you, step-by-step, how to guide others through Dr. Baskaran Pillai’s revolutionary online courses, and reveals the various ways you can earn an income from doing so.

Through the Pillai Center Licensing Program, you will be fully supported in:

  • Deepening your understanding of Dr. Pillai’s life-changing teachings and techniques.
  • Guiding others through the available Pillai Center Academy course(s) of your choice.
  • Planning your business, financial, and lifestyle goals.
  • Development and implementation of marketing and outreach strategies.
  • Facilitation of in-person and online events.
  • Making the most of the accompanying affiliate program with a generous commission on digital product sales, as well as retail discounts on eligible physical products to resell.

What’s Included?

As a PCLP facilitator, you’ll receive the complete package to create a successful spiritual business from the ground up, including:


Here is where you can access all materials of the program, and everything you need to run your business, including:

  • All instructional content (live call information, videos, transcripts, audios, and PDFs)
  • Space for bio page as an official Pillai Center facilitator
  • Space for your attendees to download material for an event
  • Outlines and Schedules for licensed Events
  • Instructions for traditional marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing along with personalize-able content for each
  • Private online area for your attendees to download materials post Event.
  • Quarterly live calls with experienced PC Teachers and access to all call recordings
  • Full email support
  • Discount on products to sell at events
  • Affiliate commission for products sold online from your facilitator area of PCLP site

You can access your personal membership portal 24/7.


This is a private, online space where you can connect with other Pillai Center Licensees who are on the same journey as you. You can:

  • Get input on business ideas
  • Support and solutions for challenges you may face
  • Encouragement and inspiration to achieve your goals

Pillai Center teachers and mentors will also be monitoring the group and contributing to the conversation as well.


As a licensee member, you will receive a 40% discount on eligible physical products which you can resell at your events.


You will automatically be enrolled as an affiliate for Pillai Center, meaning you will be given a special affiliate link that gives you 35% commission (profit) for any Pillai Center programs, products, or services purchased with your affiliate link.

Why the PCLP?

Dr. Pillai’s life mission on Earth is to end suffering of all kinds, and his teachings have already helped thousands of people successfully:

  • Awaken dormant intelligence and intuition
  • Revitalize the body, mind, and soul
  • Create harmonious and loving relationships
  • Maximize potential success with time-technology
  • Communicate with and benefit from divine Archetypes (Angels, Gods, Goddesses, etc.)
  • Achieve financial freedom
  • Manifest with their midbrain
  • Receive miraculous solutions to impossible problems
  • Experience states of transcendental awareness
  • And much more

The PCLP is a unique opportunity for you to contribute to Dr. Pillai’s ambitious mission by empowering yourself, empowering others, and positively impacting humanity, while making an income from doing so.